What is Impact Esq?

Hi! Welcome to Impact Esq. In the last couple years the number of attorneys that are seriously focused on the impact space (social entrepreneurship / impact investing) has grown… this is a great thing! As our sector matures, we’ll need as many smart, dedicated attorneys as we can get. However, as the number of practitioners has grown, it’s a little more difficult to keep track of what’s happening across the country. We’re at the point where it would be helpful to have a platform that allows us all to stay on top of what’s happening and learn from each other. That’s what Impact Esq is. Impact Esq is the source for what’s happening on the legal side of social enterprise and impact investing. Designed for practitioners, the goal is to share learnings and best practices in order to better counsel the impact sector. To get an exclusive first look at the Impact Esq, join our community of attorneys and have it delivered right to your inbox every second Saturday of the month.